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Fitel S178A V2 Fusion Splicer

Fitel S178A V2

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Fitel S178A V2 Fusion Splicer

The S178A Hand-Held Core-Alignment Fusion Splicer has been enhanced and updated to version 2. 


  • S178 Splicer Body (1 unit)
  • S326 CLEAVER (1 unit)
  • Tight Holder for 10mm Cleave length (1 pair)
  • V-Groove Cleaning Brush (1 unit)
  • Spare Electrodes for S178 (1 pair)
  • Electrode Sharpener for all splicers (1 unit)
  • S178/153 Hard Carrying Case (1 unit)
  • Tool Case (1 unit)
  • Battery for S178/153/123 (2 units)
  • AC Adaptor for S178 (1 unit)
  • S178A User's Manual  
  • Cooling Tray CTX-01 (optional)
  • Car Charger CDC-01 (optional)

Key features

  • Internal battery charging
  • Illumination lamp lights up a wide area around V-grooves
  • User friendly LCD display offers 4 different X/Y image layouts
  • Simplified splice result indicator red / green icon
  • Rugged and compact handheld design to endure harsh environmental conditions
  • Fast splice (7 sec) at super low loss and Fast Heating (25 sec)*1
  • 200 cycles (Splicing & Heating) with Internal batteries*2
  • Splice programs available for All METRO/LAN/FTTx fibers including ultra bend-insensitive fibers (e.g. EZ-Bend™)
  • Splicer is compatible with the Seikoh Giken and Diamond Spliceon-connector (SOC)
  • Easy maintenance electrode replacement /mirror free alignment system
  • Easy Software upgrade via the Internet
  • Simplified program fusion and heater programming
  • Easily exchanged fiber holder systems (Tight holder/Removable fiber holder/SOC holder)
  • PC interface software to allow user manage splicing recipes and splicing results
  • Auto-start heater oven option
  • Improved GUI enhancing ease-of-use
  • Large memory for storing 2,000 splice records and last 100 splice result images
  • RoHS compliant


*1 By using semi-auto mode for splicing and pre-heating mode for heating.

*2 By using 2-batteries, semi-auto mode for splicing and regular mode for heating.


Under Tough Environment

S178A passed criteria as below

  • Drop Resistance - 76 cm Drops from 5 different angles
  • Water Resistance - IPX2 rating drip proof 
  • Dust Resistance - IP5X rating dust proof

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Fitel S178A V2 Fusion Splicer

Fitel S178A V2 Fusion Splicer

Sell New Fitel S178A V2 Fusion Splicer