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INNO View 12R Fusion Splicer

INNO View 12R

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INNO View 12R Fusion Splicer

View 12R ribbon splicer with a fully motorized clamp alignment system, is the most powerful and state-of-the-art ribbon splicer on the market. Its advanced automatic clamp alignment system offers more accurate and dependable ribbon fiber splicing up to 12 fibers with the double-tapping (zoom in & out) to the world’s highest magnification of 250x. View 12R+ ribbon splicer provides maximum work efficiency through it's fast splicing & heating time. The new View 12R+ has an ultra-high battery capacity of 220 splice/heat cycles, and universal holder for both 250µm & 900µm single fibers. INNO View 12+ Ribbon Splicer Spec Sheet
Motorized Clamp Alignmet System

View 12R's advanced clamp activates itself in accordance with the position of fiber so that each cores of individual fiber are correctly placed on its assigned v-groove. There is no doubt that this process enables more accurate and reliable splicing process.

View 12R+ Ribbon Splicer Kit Includes

    Fusion Splicer - View 12R Fiber ribbon splicer
    High Precision Cleaver - V7
    Thermal Stripper - TS-8
    Fiber holders:
    12 Ribbon: FH-12L / FH-12R
    8 Ribbon: FH-8L / FH-8R
    4 Ribbon: FH-4L / FH-4R
    250 & 900ìm Single: FH-UL / FH-UR (Universal)
    SOC Holder: FH-SOC-R
    SOC Heater Cover - HTS-SOC
    AC Adapter - JS-180300
    Cooling Tray - CG-22
    Electrode - E-50
    Electrode Grinder - EG-18
    Manual CD - CD
    Battery Pack - LBT-20
    Power Cable - ACC-25
    Micro HDMI to USB Cable - HDMI-15
    DIN Cable - DIN-18
    Cigarette Lighter Cable - CJ-11
    Thermal Stripper Charger - AR-8
    Protection Sleeves - PS-12R-40
    V-Groove Cleaning Brush - CB-01
    Carrying Case - NBX-35

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INNO View 12R Fusion Splicer

INNO View 12R Fusion Splicer

Sell New INNO View 12R Fusion Splicer